hauteliving.com – Fitness And Life Coach Alessandro Cassano Shares His Thoughts On The True Meaning Of Fitness

Unlike intelligence that may come in different forms, fitness is a pretty straightforward concept. It involves reaching a certain level of health in order to be considered fit. But the funny thing is, not everyone is fit, no matter how simple it is to understand fitness. That’s why people who reach society’s standards of being fit are often admired and idolized.

But what does it really mean to be fit?

In a general sense, fitness is about physical prowess. It’s about how strong a person can be in terms of endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. It’s a basic term. But some say that that’s not enough. Because if it is, then bodybuilders and athletes would be the happiest people in the world. While some are as content as can be, most are just average. That’s because overall fitness is not just about physical capacity, it’s also about a human being’s mental and emotional state. Fitness is being in a complete state of homeostasis internally and externally.

Achieving True Fitness Using the TRIVO Method

This balance of the well-being of the mind and body is what Italian personal trainer and life coach Alessandro Cassano promises to teach his clients. From a martial arts practitioner to a self-defense instructor to a certified personal trainer, Cassano has done it all in the pursuit of improving himself and others. But he later learned that to truly fulfill his goal of guiding people to reach holistic wellness, Alessandro should focus on the mind, too.

So in 2020, he taught himself all the strategies of neuro-linguistic programming in Milan to be better qualified to teach his clients about how to improve themselves. NLP is a psychological method that uses thoughts, behavior patterns, and language to drive people into achieving their personal goals. Cassano used this knowledge and combined it with his extensive understanding of the human body to create the TRIVO program (Training Risolutivo Intensivo verso l’Obiettivo). This is a specialized training method designed solely by Cassano to train both the mind and the body of his clients.

Through the TRIVO method, Cassano uncovers his clients’ true goals and makes them reflect on these goals for maximum results. The best part is that it’s all done through one-on-one sessions that ensure privacy and complete focus for both the coach and his client. Alessandro makes them do this first before switching over to the challenging physical training part of the program so that his clients won’t lack the motivation to finish strong.

To know more about the TRIVO method and about Alessandro Cassano himself, you may contact him through his website at alexcassanocoach.com or his social media on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram at @alexcassanocoach.